Concept? Klaartje Glashorster, Inge Hendriks and Sophie Soons, the three designers behind studioRUIG, spend few words on it but allow their sharp intuition and creative urge to speak for them. 


And so this ambitious Dutch start up label blossomed into a successful fashion brand.
studioRUIG captures the zeitgeist in unpretentious yet carefully designed collections with an androgynous sensuality,
pure materials and a strong use of color.
Leather is a favorite offering the ‘RUIG’ component, which is Dutch for ‘rough’, finished in the most simple way possible
it’s natural properties come to life. It is the metaphor for studioRUIG’s success: unaffected and fearless fashion.

No leather skin is perfect and we love it
Every scar, stretch mark, wrinkle, stamp or
brand shows that you wear the distinctive
design of studioRUIG.


Since 2014 studioRUIG has his own brand store. Of course, they sell their studioRUIG collections, but next to that,
they're continuous searching for other beautiful brands. As for example, they've found some nice interior and jewelry brands;
Ferm Living, By Nord, Moebe, Cluse and Oform. For opening hours and more, please click on "store" in the main menu.




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