Arnhem, the Netherlands, 1981. We were not punk. We were Weverstraat. HUMANOID just happened. No philosophy. Doing something. 
For more than 34 years, you see a women’s label maturing in the big world of fashion without so much as a step astray. Without screaming for attention. HUMANOID’s identity feels familiar. That pleasantly unruly early 80s feel always remained: expressive, creative, authentic, but always functional and contemporary. 
Human-oid, literally: like a human.  


HUMANOID’s strength is that it is a brand like a wonderful person. Two feet on the ground, feeling completely sound and comfortable with yourself, doing what you feel you have to do and above all, having a great time. Freedom. Quality. Here and now.


Every HUMANOID collection originates from this gut sense of freedom, and the feel of the materials. The way they drape, move, how it behaves while treated and how it caresses the skin. Soft, lush fabrics, great qualities. They appear to be worn in and washed, they all match in shades, structures and in layering. Fine cashmere, unstable cotton, suede and leather. Earthly, feminine, comfortable and contemporary. Every collection a continuation of the previous one. A large luxurious wrap scarf, symbolizing the HUMANOID feel, has been a staple from the start.


It appears so self-evident, which of course it is not. What started with the new wave gut feeling and fun punk attitude of a small collective around Sandra Harmsen and Hans Boelens in Arnhem’s Weverstraat has steadily blossomed into an international fashion conception.


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